The RefundSniper Story

For the last 15 years, serial entrepreneur Noah Gross has been involved in e-commerce, advising companies selling things on the internet. Health and beauty products, mylar balloons, garbage bags and cooking spices, to name a few (if you have a long time and several beers, he’d be happy to share a story or two with you…).

Anyone who sells anything on the internet eventually lands on Amazon, But the numbers just did not add up. They never did. Inventory went missing, was returned, was lost, was damaged, and there didn’t seem to be a rhyme or reason to how Amazon did the accounting.   Trying to make sense out of this led Noah to write some of the original algorithms used in the RefundSniper software. He started getting aggressive about claiming for discrepancies in FBA inventory, and it worked. A friend asked him to run his inventory through the algorithm, and then another friend, and then someone’s brother-in-law, and, well, then RefundSniper was born. 

In the 2 years since the company’s inception, Noah has refined the algorithms, invested in technical infrastructure, expanded to all Amazon platforms, and helped a whole lot of sellers make sense of their inventory at Amazon-claiming back millions of dollars in mishandled inventory in the process.



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