How do I sign up?
Send us a note through the contact form on our website, or shoot us a note at support@refundsniper.com.  Setup takes just a few minutes, and depending on our current volume, we can usually begin recovering inventory for you within a few business days.

Do you have a referral program?
We do!  We offer a $250 Amazon gift cards to individuals that refer viable customers to us. In order to take advantage of the referral program, the new customer must use the Contact Us (link) form on the website and specify the referrer’s name in the ‘referred by’ field. Only one referral gift will be granted per customer.

How often will you reconcile my inventory?
Initially, we do an historic, 18 month look-back of your inventory. Once that inventory has been fully reconciled and refunded, we set you up for bi-annual reviews, unless you request a different frequency. We will always reach out to you for re-authorization to reconcile your account prior to starting a review.

What are your fees?
The fee for our service will be 30% of refunds recovered by our team.

If I have a question, how can I reach you?
Call anytime! 888-764-7372 (888-SNIPER2) or email us at support@refundsniper.com

Are your cases automated?
No! all of our cases are submitted by live humans who verify the validity of the case before raising it with Amazon Seller Central. This ensures that we operate efficiently, do not put undue burden on Amazon Seller Central, and comply with the Amazon Terms of Service (TOS).

I use another Amazon inventory management program – do I need to stop those services to use yours?
You may cancel your other services, but it’s not required. After your first round with us, we encourage you to compare your results- most of our customers see a significant difference in recoveries, and voluntarily cancel their other subscriptions at that time.

How can I be sure that refunds received are due to RefundSniper’s effort? Sometimes I receive random credits/refunds from Amazon with no action on my part?
We will only charge a fee for recoveries, refunds, or inventory obtained through an Amazon Seller Central case ID that is generated by our staff. Other reimbursements, whether generated by your own staff or by Amazon unprompted, will not be included in our reporting and fees.



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